Luxury 1:1 Best Omega Speedmaster Replica Watch Introduction

The Omega Speedmaster replica watch collection often identified with the famous Moonwatch which takes an important place in the entire history of watchmaking, as the first watch on the Moon. After it had become the official watch of the U.S. space program, Speedmaster Professional watches played important roles in all six lunar landings, but especially the one that was worn by Buzz Aldrin, during his epic walk on the lunar surface, in 1969, and earned the iconic status.

Today, the Swiss watchmaker produces almost the same Professional Omega Speedmaster chronographs Replica Watch as the important part of the brand’s legacy. However, during the years of the company’s growth, the Speedmaster Collection has been extended with various men’s models with exclusive in-house automatic movements, which bring together Omega’s heritage, advanced technologies and the latest trends in the industry (Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph, Speedmaster HB-SIA Co-Axial GMT Chronograph, timepieces from the Broad Arrow series, the Speedmaster Day Date.

Combining an authentic sporty look of the collection with a strong luxury touch, Omega has also created a Speedmaster model for ladies – Speedmaster Automatic Chronometer.The Omega Speedmaster replica watch has become a rather hot subset of the popular Speedmaster timepiece family since it was originally introduced in 2013.At Baselworld 2015, Omega introduced yet another version of the Speedmaster replica watch with a very cool looking retro design. In addition to the "vintage" style dial with a matte black face and aged-style luminant, Omega decided to use a slightly different handset which is more indicative of the original Omega Speedmaster replica watch from 1957 with the so called "broad arrow hands."

In a sense, this new Omega Speedmaster replica watch for 2015 is an aesthetic emulation of the original 1957 Omega Speedmaster for today's Speedmaster fans. In that regard, it is unabashedly a "retro revival” watch, but it is done very well and offers a vintage look with a totally modern package. So yes, it is a fashion watch, but a fashion watch of the highest regard.

At 41.5mm wide in steel, the Omega Speedmaster replica watch fits on the larger side thanks to the broad lugs. Though, of course, it fits a bit smaller than the over-44mm-wide version. The case has a sapphire crystal over the dial as well as over the movement and is water resistant to 100 meters.

The dial legibility is still fantastic despite the cream colored indexes and hands. I have a feeling that the lume is also very good. The dial on the Omega Speedmaster replica watch features two subdials.

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